Frequently asked questions - FAQ

BEI has wide applications in personal development and it is closely associated with performance in workspace and leadership performance. In comparison with the available emotional intelligence measures, BEI is also the most commonly used, best selling, more flexible, most studied and the most cost-effective.

BrainyCore was the first training partner for ILLAFTrain (1998), and it was qualifying people for more than 20 years on using BEI and BEI360 which have been updated in 2018. We offer one program to give certification every month, and programs for organizations, and other leaderships programs in the big organizations. BEI is also used by HR specialists, trainers, coaches, leaders as a robust tool to measure and improve the emotional intelligence skills via training and offering coaching.

Goleman and Bar-On are fully clear models in terms of their focus on the acquired skills; however, the personality and/or other factors may help acquire specific skills in the emotional intelligence. We all already have genetically specified ability in dealing with emotions.

Look at each model and choose the one that best benefit you, and we prefer MHS/Bar-On model due to long years of experimental researches led to its creation and many of scientific studies that enhanced its ability to accurately measure EQ. It is self-assessment tool which is available online, and can also be developed to become 360-degree assessment (multi-assessor). It makes it unique in the world of EQ assessments and makes BEI very flexible and usable to a wide range of clients.

We use BEI as the first step in EQ development methodology, and individuals can first assess their EQ rates, and then through coaching, we review their results to determine EQ skills they want to focus on in order to improve their effectiveness and achieving success. BEI360® can be used to deepen learning though comparing the individual’s EQ self-assessment with assessors’ assessments who regularly see them. This additional information is very useful and lead to more learning, growth, development and greater quality performance.