Report In Emotional Intelligence With Greater Depth And Higher Accuracy

What’s BCA360®?

BCA360® measures the same 13 skills of the emotional intelligence like BCA® report. It is a self-assessment along with people's perception around you. That’s why BCA360® is also known as multi-assessor assessment where it combines your own perceptions of your emotional intelligence and other’s perceptions who know you well and who are available at 360 degree around you.

How does it work?

Once you take the decision to do BCA360®, information will be sent to you explain how will choose your own assessor and their ranking together with instructions to do BCA®. Once assessors finish your assessment, we will send the report and will contact you to review your scores.

With a minimum of three to four assessors, we can get some excellent comparisons among emotional intelligence assessments for the manager who was assessed, and how the managers were assessed by each assessor. Through discussing these results, we can prepare the necessary development plan. This report consists of client’s self-assessment results along with assessors’ assessments that belong to different groups. We suggest the following groups: 1. The manager. 2. Colleagues. 3. Staff at the lower level. 4. Friends or any of family members.

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Report In Emotional Intelligence With Greater Depth And Higher Accuracy


Besides, BEIC360® report can be done - Comparison: This can be done when the applicant that previously requested BCA360® asks for a re-assessment after some time in order to measure their new level in emotional intelligence, and get a new report with all new results with comparing them to their previous assessment’s results. This can be done in order to measure the new change.

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