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BrainyCore tools measure the key skills of emotional intelligence, which lead the future foresight, positive thinking, accepting change, effectiveness, stress management, decision-making and the quality of relationships. Based on the effective BrainyCore model, these tools provide insight, better yet, it offers roadmap to scale up the performance.

BrainyCore Emotional Intelligence Assessment is a set of effective and proven tests which measure the rate of emotional intelligence, and provide people with a practical framework in order for them to practically apply their emotional intelligence. In brief, it is an innovative solution for a broad range of businesses.

What makes BrainyCore® Emotional Intelligence Assessment an effective evaluation tool?

BrainyCore Emotional Intelligence Assessment BCA® is used widely for training, coaching, staff selection and in determining development needs.

BrainyCore Emotional Intelligence Assessment BCA® is unique and it is not merely information or feedback; because it provides framework using a methodology to qualify people to use the emotional intelligence. BCA® also links between emotional intelligence and real life and includes two surveys: The first one measure the current “success factors”, for instance, future foresight, positive thinking, accepting change, effectiveness, stress management, decision-making and the quality of relationships, while the second one measures the emotional intelligence in the context of the significant results of work and life, thus offering “then what?” concept.

BrainyCORE Emotional Intelligence Assessment BCA® has been scientifically proven as a practical scale for emotional intelligence along with a model focuses on action and supports people in using and improving their emotional intelligence skills. BrainyCORE Emotional Intelligence Assessment ®BEI is unusual:

  • While other tools provide diagnosis, BCA® provides a framework.
  • The model is simple enough to get into, and at the same time, is sufficiently well developed for leading change in the medium and long term.
  • Although BEI® has been designed for learning and development, it has a statistic accuracy makes it usable in recruitment process, staff selection, education, coaching or consultancy and other advanced uses.
  • There is a great deal of programs and tools to support the use of BCA® (a number of books, training curriculum, learning programs and other assistive tools).

It is a statistically reliable: It contains self-correcting indicators, which further increase its objectivity, and according to psychometrics, it has powerful properties. In addition, it provides the best analysis in its class among more than 20 different standard scale.

Relevance: BCA® has fully automated online management and grading system (available in hard copies), and provides the client with an option where they can receive a report and/or an immediate consultancy. Furthermore, a fully integrated system has been developed and equipped with deep and reliable training materials by high-level curriculum designers.

Full range: It has full range of assessment and reporting tools for practitioners (you can revise the available reports), along with a huge range of support materials, educational curriculum and training modules.

Proactively involving people in change and problem-solving and contextualizing performance and building cooperation... All this requires the emotional efficiency.  So leaders need to change inputs if they want change outputs, and to achieve this, they need a higher realization, adopt appropriate situations and squire new skills.

BrainyCore Emotional Intelligence Assessment BCA® provides a solution to help leaders improve in measurable terms in regard to their performance compared to other people. This tool assesses skills and provides a practical roadmap for development.  (based on BEI’s achieved grades, important success factors can be predicted: They are future foresight, positive thinking, accepting change, effectiveness, stress management, decision-making and the quality of relationships, which are essential goals for successful working groups).

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